Monday, February 24, 2020

Week 8 comments and Feedback

Feedback in
I think the quality of comments and feedback that I receive from everyone is great.  I feel that by looking at the comments I can better tailor my blog stories to have a more profound impact on the reader.  Hopefully, I can draw their attention and not divert it. The comments that I find the best are the ones that are critical and offer suggestions.

Feedback out
I feel like the kind of comments that I leave everyone is helpful. I think that I offer good insight and helpful suggestions while not coming across as rude or disrespectful. I think that other people's writing has helped me shaped my own writing because I can really see what other people like and don't like when it comes to the stories we tell.

Blog Comments
I do feel like I get to connect with people while commenting on their blogs.  It is a good interaction that can set the tone going forward in this class if I have questions I need to ask.

Looking Forward
I could probably make sure that my comments give more helpful suggestions and also some "what if" questions. I feel like no changes are needed for my introduction or comment wall.

Feedback. (March 18, 2019)
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Week 8 Progress

Looking Back
I definitely am happy with my progress. I think I am a week or two ahead of where I was last year when I was in the Mythology and Folklore class. I am most proud of the fact that I am actually getting ahead of class.  Trying to balance this class and my capstone is a challenge but with me being a week ahead it allows me more time to focus on my capstone. My weekly routine is doing most of the assignments on Sunday then finishing it up on Monday.  The assignments I enjoy the most is definitely adding to my storybook.

Looking Forward
I want to keep the same pace that is have been going with for the rest of the semester and not slack off. One pitfall that I want to put off is putting off a week of homework for this class since I am a week or two ahead.  I might change the layout of my storybook later on but I am not sure yet.

Looking Forward. (February 9, 2018)
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Week 8 Reading and Writing

I feel that my reading and writing assignments are going well for me.  I must say that it is a tad difficult to understand what I am reading since I know nothing about Indian folklore.  What I can say is that I enjoy it a lot.

I am happy with the layout of my blog because I feel like the overall aesthetic is representing what we are reading.  On top of that my project website is coming along very well and hopefully it will be better than the one I did for Mythology and Folklore.

My biggest writing accomplishment in this class would probably be the fact that I am able to write stories at all.  Having really no background in understanding Indian epics, I thought it would be difficult to produce stories and understand them but I feel like I am doing a good job.

I don't think there is anything that I need to be doing to get more out of the readings.  I think the stories I write could be a little more cohesive and not be as rushed.

NA. (April 3, 2016)
NA. Source: Pixabay

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Week 7 Story: Raiding at Night

There once was a young man named Jake. Jake had been at odds with the young prince named Sadik who ruled his lands ever since he learned that Sadik ordered the execution of Jakes Family. The reason for this execution as because the young prince’s father was having affair with Jakes mother.  Jakes mom used to be a healer for the kingdom and one day, after treating the king for back pain for over a year they kissed.  One might ask, “What led to this kiss?” well you see, the King and his wife had not been happy in their marriage for some time and the Julia, Jakes mother, provided companionship and happiness he had never known with his current wife. As the two saw each other in secret, one day, their relationship was discovered by the Kings wife.  Unable to take the heartbreak that she had suffered, she wrote a note to her son telling him everything and then proceeded to jump form the highest point in the tower into the moat.  As Sidak grew up he harbored a dark plan to get his revenge for his mothers’ death.  One day when he was 17 he led a small contingent of his most faithful soldiers into Jake’s town and proceeded to slaughter everyone.  Jake was out tending to crop when he heard his mother scream out. He raced back towards the house and as he peered through the window he saw Sidak sticking as word through his moms’ heart.
Sidak said, “All the pain you caused me, You were the reason my mother took her life, so now I take yours!” As Sidak and his men left the house Jake jumped through the window and cradled his mom vowing for revenge no matter what the cost.

A few years later Jake kept hearing about all the awful things Sadik had done to other families in the area that Jake lived he decided enough was enough.  He decided that on the night of the 13th he would sneak into the castle and murder Sidak so that he could harm no one else.  As night came, Jake made an appeal to the God of Safety, Paul, asking him to protect him long enough to get revenge for the death of his family.  As night came Jake crept slowly through the cover of the brush towards to castle.  He noticed right away that there were not hardly any guards on patrol so he hoped that it would be an easy in and out job.  As Jake came upon the main gate he realized that it was locked and as he scanned the outer wall he saw that he would have to climb up the sides of the tower to reach Sidak’s room. Jake held his breath and began his climb to Sidaks’ room.  A couple of times while making the climb he slipped and it seemed like all hope would be lost, but somehow he regained his grip and footing and continued to climb. Eventually, he reached Sidaks window, and he softly opened it as to make no noise.  Soon he came to the bedroom where Sidak lay sleeping.
 Sidak sensed something was up and suddenly woke up alert as Jake lunged at him screaming, “This is for my mother!”
As Jake was trying to strangle Sidak, Sidak pulled out a knife from under his pillow and proceeded to stab Jake in the stomach.  Crumpling to the ground, Jake could barley stand, but he suddenly felt the power of Paul surge them him and he made one last lunge at Sidak. As the grappled Jake was able to grab the knife and plunge in into Sidak’s throat. As both fell to the floor Jake knew he was dying but he felt at ease knowing he had avenged his mom.  Sidak on the other hand was in tears and blood was pouring out of his mouth and neck wound.  As morning came the neighboring cities surrounding the kingdom had heard about what had happened.  Jake was proclaimed a martyr for the oppressed. All around there were uprisings using Jake as their hero, when the people went to war with unjust forces.

V for Vendetta. (March 4, 2015)
WolvesOfTheTwilight. Source: Wikicommons

Authors Note: For this story I wanted to just have two characters to focus on.  I wanted there to be a good and evil character.  In the original story we are given two characters who are after revenge and it does not end well for either of them.  With this story I wanted Jake to know the cost of getting revenge and even though he does die, the oppressed people in surrounding kingdoms know what he has down and they too rise up and fight back.  The moral of the story is that evil will never win.  I wanted to give a God a little part because this story was really only about vengeance.  In the end vengeance can consume you and will most likely lead to your death. Often when vengeance is talked about, there are always negative repercussions.  Sure, this is true in this story but it also shows that vengeance can signal that people who are being opposed can change that and take back their life.

Bibliography: Gibbs, Laura. The Night Raid. The Night Raid

Reading Notes Part D: The Night Raid

This story is really short and sweet, but it gets to the point right away.  With the telling of this story I feel like it really isn’t dragged out or nothing is lingered on for a set amount of time.  What I meant by that is that too often story tend to linger on certain details and aspects of the story without really telling us the purpose of it in the end.  With The Night Raid the exact opposite occurs.  We are introduced to our leader character right away and we find out what he is really all about.  We understand that the son is after vengeance and right off the bat that lets us as the reader know that this will not end well.  The reason that I say this is because everyone knows that a person seeking out vengeance does not go the way that they want, it usually ends in tragedy.  What is also interesting about this story is that this act of vengeance that is being told to us incites a much larger battle that the person is not able to watch because they are dying.  It shows that seeking vengeance sometimes has long lasting consequences that sometimes we cannot see the scope of.

Even though I said we know who the main character was of the story, the introduction of another character who seems to be equally as important sort of confused me.  If they had just focus on the first young man we had met and made it all about his vengeance and how that incited a larger battle I would understand it so much more clearly.  With the addition of this other character, its kind of makes us wonder who we should be following along with. The story is great for the simple fact that short and sweet is sometimes the best way to do something.  While it does have some problems that story overall, was very enjoyable.

Seige of Cuddalore. (1890)
Richard Simkin. Source: Wikicommons

Bibliography: Gibbs, Laura. The Night Raid. The Night Raid

Reading Notes Part C: The Battle Begins

I really enjoyed reading this story a lot. What makes this story so much different than anything that I have read so far in this class is that with this war story we don’t just get a brief synopsis we get most of the war.  It seems like to often when reading about war in myths or folklore, people often focus on the beginning of the war or the end.  There seems to be never in between, but with this story we are given insight into how each character is thinking while also being provided details on what is occurring.  I feel like the more descriptive that stories can be about the battles of war, the more people will get a better understanding of how much of a blood bath its way was back then.  What we also get in this story is a very descriptive detail about what is going between both sides. We get a better understanding of the casualties that are suffered and the damage that is being caused by all the killing.  It seemed that each guy kept winning every other day but there seemed to be no clear victor.

One problem that I have with this story is the fact that it is not split up into more parts. I mean, I understand them wanting to get the full range of the battle down in one chapter, but it is a little boring.  If they had split this story up into two or three chapters dedicated to one sides perspective the other sides perspective, then the final battle I think it would have made for a great story. I feel that making story’s sometimes too long can feel monotonous to a reader and have them lose interest very quickly.  Overall, I did enjoy the story and hope for more like it in the future.
War Elephant. (NA)
NA. Source: Wikicommons

Bibliography: Gibbs, Laura. The Battle Begins. The Battle Begins

Monday, February 10, 2020

Week 6: The House of Fire

Once upon a time there was this mischievous little kid only named as Luke. He was known around the town of Errandale as a trickster and a bully.  No one knew who his parents were, he was often seen running around town in the same clothes he had on the week before.  Nobody ever paid attention to him, he would usually bully the little children were playing outside.  All the time he seemed to get away with whatever mischievous little thing he was doing. All his tricks seemed harmless until one fateful day.

The Day of The Fire
Luke was wandering around one fateful Autumn day when he came across what he thought was an abandoned farmhouse at the edge of town.  Now, Luke had seen this farm house a couple of times and he was always intrigued by how tall a fire would be if the building somehow caught on fire. Now unbeknownst to everyone in town Luke loved playing with fire because he was a pyromaniac.  That same Autumn day Luke was walking by the farm house he decided that night he would set it on fire.  He waited until the sun went down then went with his little lighter and stared to gather some dead leaves. He stacked the leaves and dry twigs he had gathered outside the barn door at both ends.  When he though the coast was clear he proceeded to light the brush, he had collected on fire. As the fire started to engulf the building he suddenly heard screaming and coughing from inside the barn.  He started to panicky because he though that no one was inside and that it was just abandoned.  Without thinking Luke made his way to the side of the barn and as he was trying to find a way in he saw that there was a couple of rotten boards.  He ran over to them and started to kick them out and eventually they broke.  He crawled through as fast as he could and when he was inside he saw that a family of four had been living there.  He rushed up to the father and told him that he had a way they could escape.  Luke led the family through the boards and out to safety. 

As the family started to hug one another the father asked Luke, “Where is your family son?”

Luke couldn’t reply because he was a mute, but he started to right out in the dirt that he was an orphan and his family had been burned to death by an evil with.  The old man thanks him profusely and give him a long hug after learning what had happened to his family.  He then proceeded to ask Luke if he would like to live with them for the rest of his life and Luke’s eyes teared up.  No one had ever been nice to him and people had always treated him with disgust.  He finally found somewhere he belong and from that day forward, Luke acted like a model citizen and never caused any more trouble.

Barn of Fire. (NA)
NA. Source: Pexels

Authors: I took this story from The House of Fire. I changed a considerable amount.  I wanted this story to be way different than what was shown in the original.  I didn’t want anyone to die and I wanted to give the main character a sad backstory that explained why he was the way he was.  In the original story the people inside the house that caught fire and I wanted Luke to be able to save them in this one. It gives his character a kind of redeeming quality that was missing. I know Luke never tells them he set the fire, I wanted to leave that up into interpretation for the reader to decide if he ever told them.

Bibliography: Gibbs, Laura. The House of Fire. The House of Fire